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Plate carriers

A tactical plate carrier is a cover for armoured plates and an element of military or combat equipment. The plate carrier itself is not able to protect against damage, but it is a reliable and necessary base for special plates.

The plate carriers manufactured by Suputnyk-Gear are highly reliable and durable, and they perform their tasks perfectly. You can buy high-quality tactical plate carriers at an affordable price right on our website. We are experienced manufacturers and are responsible for the quality and reliability of our products.  

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Features of Sputnik-Gear a Carrier for Bulletproof Vest

Sputnik Gear bulletproof vest are made of MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D with NIR treatment. This is a heavy-duty and waterproof fabric, ideal for military ammunition. The fabric retains its properties in a wide temperature range, from -30 to +40. The lining of the pads is made of durable GEDEON mesh, which provides excellent ventilation.

Our bulletproof vest is equipped with a quick release system with ROC buckles on the chamberlain and shoulders. In extreme cases, such as being trapped in an accident or being injured, our quick release tile carriers can be quickly removed to save your life.

Depending on the model, the tile carriers can also be equipped with the following features

  • reinforcement of the shoulder straps with EVA foam ensures comfortable use of the vest even under heavy load;
  • the package may include a standard chambray with ROC buckles, which is fully compatible with RANGER and REITAR;
  • the chamber band can accommodate soft ballistic protection of the second class of DSTU.

A carrier for the bulletproof vest can be adapted to different tactical tasks and purposes, and front panels and chamber bands can be quickly replaced, which is sometimes necessary during combat operations.

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