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Backpacks/assault packs

A tactical backpack is a special military backpack designed for use in the field and during combat missions.

A tactical backpack from Suputnyk gear is convenient and comfortable to use on a daily basis, it is durable, functional and has a well-designed fastening system. In addition, the "right" tactical backpack can be an important element of your safety, providing convenient access to the necessary things in case of unforeseen situations.

You can choose and buy a tactical backpack directly from the manufacturer on our website, where you will find a wide range of tactical equipment for armed professionals and everyday carry (EDC).

Features of tactical backpacks from Sputnik Gear

Tactical backpacks by Suputnyk Gear are suitable for use in the field, for performing various combat missions.

The main advantages of Suputnyk Gear military backpacks:

  • High-quality and durable materials. We make all our backpacks from special MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D fabric with NIR treatment. It is waterproof, wear-resistant, and does not lose its properties in a wide temperature range, from -30 to +40.
  • Reliable fittings (YKK, 2M, WOOJIN PLASTICS). You can be sure that it will not let you down even in emergency situations.
  • Versatility and well-thought-out placement of pockets and additional attachments. An important characteristic of a tactical backpack is its versatility and the ability to add modular elements. You will be able to attach a variety of equipment necessary for combat missions and be sure of its safety.
  • Wide range of models. Every military man can choose a suitable backpack based on his needs and the specifics of his military profession. Backpacks differ not only in volume, but also in their purpose. For example, you can buy a TRADER-M tactical backpack for the DJI Mavic 3 drone or a TOR RPG-7 backpack for shooting.

All models of our tactical backpacks were developed taking into account the wishes of our defenders. We listen to all their comments and advice and create military equipment that can become a reliable companion, help you complete your tasks and have all the necessary things at hand.

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