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REITER armor carrier

Article: PC-RTR

REITER lightweight body armor is an armor protection system with ROC quick-release buckles.



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  • plate M, waist L
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The REITER plate carrier is a modern and convenient plate carrier that can be used during various combat tasks. This model is distinguished by its convenience, lightness and reliability, able to facilitate the work of a soldier and protect his life even in difficult conditions.

When creating the Reitar plate carrier, we thought through every detail and carefully selected materials, fittings and accessories for it.

The upper layer is made of reliable and ultra-durable MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D fabric. It does not pass water and moisture, withstands large temperature differences and is easily cleaned from various impurities. The fabric of the body armor has an additional NIR treatment, which makes it invisible to night vision devices and thermal imagers. This helps the warrior remain invisible in the dark.

The lining made of strong GEDEON mesh deserves special attention. It provides ventilation, does not steam, does not spoil, and is easy to clean. To spoil it, it is necessary to exert a lot of force.

All fasteners, fittings, tapes of the REITER plate carrier are made of high-quality and reliable materials, they withstand heavy loads and will not fail in emergency cases.

Thanks to the ROC buckles, which are placed on the camera band on the shoulders, the REITER body armor can be quickly removed if necessary, without wasting effort and time. In some cases, this option can save a person's life, for example, in the event of an accident, an ambush, under a roadblock, etc.

Rectangular armor plates can be placed in the plate carrier. Please note that the REITER slab carrier is not equipped with slabs.

In the front, rear and side parts of this plate carrier model, you can insert a soft ballistic DSTU of the second class, which you can purchase on our website (section "additional armor protection").

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