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A tactical bag is one of the most necessary accessories of military equipment during combat missions. Due to its compactness, mobility and convenience, the bag is convenient to take with you and store the most necessary things in it, such as weapons, ammunition, first aid kit, etc. 

Quality tactical bags help to evenly and correctly distribute the load of things that are constantly needed carry with you.

You can buy a convenient and reliable tactical bag on our website. We are manufacturers of high-quality military equipment, we think through every detail of it in detail, we carefully select all materials and accessories. 

Types of tactical bags

  1. Belt bag for RPS SB-K - compact and convenient, can be attached to the belt-shoulder system. Suitable for carrying a 200-round box of a Kalashnikov machine gun.
  2. PNB bag - designed for carrying night vision devices, active headphones or thermal imagers of the appropriate size. Models of PNB bags differ in shape and size, they can be selected for different models of night vision devices.
  3. Bag for unloading stores DUMP - P - intended for dumping empty magazines into it.
  4. TRACKER assault bag. Tactical shoulder bag, can also be attached to a plate carrier or shoulder strap system. Equipped with a separate pocket for an element of armor protection, additional fasteners for a tourniquet and scissors.
  5. BC transport bag. It is used to carry ammunition, rations, various equipment, etc. It is produced in three sizes (S, M, L), from strong and reliable materials capable of withstanding a significant load.

Functionality and features of tactical bags

We are engaged in the production of tactical bags and other military ammunition for many years. Since 2014, our soldiers have been using them during active hostilities. Over the years, we have changed some models, taking into account the features of modern warfare and the comments of our military. 

All tactical military bags of our production are made of super strong and reliable fabric, MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D. Thanks to its waterproof properties, all your things will be protected from moisture. The fabric has an additional NIR treatment, which is able to "hide" the bag from the enemy's thermal imagers. 

In the manufacture of bags, we use reliable hardware, it is able to withstand heavy loads and not fail in emergency situations. 


Each model has a well-thought-out system of fasteners and additional pockets, some have special compartments for placing armor protection in them.

Buy a tactical bag in the Suputnik Gear online store

At on our website you can buy a tactical belt bag or shoulder bag directly online. Delivery is possible to any corner of Ukraine where there is a branch of Nova Poshta or UkrPoshta. You can also buy a tactical bag in our offline stores, hold the product in your hands, get acquainted with its features and characteristics in more detail. 

All models of our bags are designed to facilitate the hard work of our soldiers. They can become faithful assistants and comrades in battle who will not let you down at an important moment. A well-thought-out system of fastenings and pockets will provide you with quick access to the necessary things, and the durable materials from which all our military ammunition is made can withstand extreme loads. 

All our bags are waterproof, they can be used in any whatever the weather, because the fabric from which they are made does not lose its protective properties both at very high and at very low temperature conditions.

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