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DEFENDER belt - cover without armor

Article: LB-DBE-WA

The modular belt allows you to carry ammunition and other necessary equipment.

The belt provides reliable protection of soft armor made of Dyneema Polyethylene.



Dimensions taking into account the thickness of the plate material

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The DEFENDER RPS modular belt is an indispensable assistant during combat missions. It allows you to carry the necessary ammunition and other necessary military equipment.

The main fabric of the belt is MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D - super strong and reliable. It does not allow moisture to pass through, does not wear out, can withstand a considerable load and is easily cleaned of dirt. The fabric has an additional NIR treatment, which is able to hide the modular belt from enemy night vision devices.

The belt lining is made of durable GEDEON mesh, which provides ventilation and a soft fit. Thanks to high-quality materials, the belt does not press, does not bring a feeling of discomfort during use.

The DEFENDER modular belt is comfortable and reliable. Thanks to the rigid frame, it does not scroll even under significant loads.

The belt can be used both with RPS SELUS or LP straps, and independently. Its anatomical shape and the possibility of quick adjustment ensure an even distribution of the load, transferring it from the back to the pelvis. The belt is adjustable in the range of 85-105 cm (size M) and 95-115 cm (size L).

Additional ballistic protection can be placed on the belt, which will protect you from being hit by debris.

Please note that armor protection is not included in the package.

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