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Article: SB-IMA

INTRUDER is a placard for plate carriers or body armor vest with MOLLE attachment, 

designed to carry 3 magazines of an assault rifle and other necessary items in the administrative department.


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INTRUDER is a chest pack for carrying and quick access to three assault rifle magazines, has an additional administrative compartment. It can be securely attached to a body armor using the MOLLE (PAL) system. The set includes three pouches 1AK-BLITZ-VELCRO.

The bag has a special tourniquet attachment and an additional front flat pocket. You can adjust the internal content of the summary to your own needs, because it has a universal PVB (PAL/VELCRO/Bungeecord) interface inside.

The INTRUDER bag is made of durable MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D waterproof fabric that can withstand heavy loads and protect contents from moisture.

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