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Article: LB-SLD

Compact (garrison) modular belt.



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RPS SALADIN belt is a compact modular belt that will become your indispensable assistant during combat operations. When creating this model of the RPS, we took into account the peculiarities of the modern war in Ukraine, listened to the advice of our soldiers-defenders. The belt was created to ease the hard work of the military.

The main fabric of the product, MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D, is not prone to rubbing, is capable of not wearing out for a long time and not losing its properties for a long time. The fabric is easily cleaned of dirt, waterproof and has an additional NIR treatment that makes the belt invisible to enemy night vision devices.

The internal rigid belt ensures the stability of the structure. Thanks to it, the belt does not twist even during active movements, and you can also attach a holster to it.

The SALADIN belt can be used both separately and with straps. The inner surface of the belt is made of velcro fabric, which allows it to be used together with a velcro belt (not included).

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