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HELLDIVER assault pack

Article: BC-HDR

The backpack is designed for assault units. The design of the backpack is compatible with armor protection and belt systems.


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The HELLDIVER backpack is a thoughtful and comfortable backpack, the model of which was developed specifically for use by assault units. When creating its design, we took into account the specifics of using a backpack compatible with armor protection and waist systems. Thanks to this, the knapsack does not interfere with the warrior, but serves as a reliable companion and assistant.

For the HELLDIVER assault backpack, we use only high-quality fabrics and reliable accessories that can last for many years and withstand significant loads.

The main fabric of the knapsack is MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D, capable of protecting a soldier's belongings and equipment from moisture and dirt in any weather. It is waterproof, can withstand both very low and very high temperatures. The fabric has an additional NIR treatment, thanks to which your backpack will remain invisible to thermal imagers, night vision devices of the enemy.

The HELLDIVER assault backpack is compact, its total volume is 31 liters. At the same time, due to the thoughtful arrangement of pockets - one main compartment and six additional pockets, they are very convenient to use.

There is one large pocket on the front of the bag, which has an organizer and a wall of Velcro fabric to which you can attach additional removable accessories, such as summaries. There is also a small foam-reinforced pocket on the front of the backpack for additional protection of the contents. You can carry small valuables in it.

Two large side pockets are designed to store important things that should always be at hand, such as cartridges, water or food. Also, the backpack has two small side pockets designed to store important small things, such as a flashlight, batteries, various weapon accessories, etc.

There is a velcro panel on the inside of the main large compartment, to which you can also attach the necessary things.

The HELLDIVER Assault Backpack has a high back fit and its rear is reinforced with a rigid frame. The backpack's shoulder system is specially designed for use with body armor, belt-waist systems and warbelts.

When put on a bulletproof vest, the HELLDIVER assault backpack does not shift even during active activities. It is firmly fixed on the back thanks to two vertical bumpers.

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