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Article: LB-SLS

The legendary LBE, which faithfully serves the defenders of Ukraine since the beginning of the war (2014).

LBE allows you to carry the necessary ammunition and additional equipment.

SELUS LBE has a modular interface over the entire surface, which makes it possible to complete the system with the necessary pouches.

LBE does not restrict the chest, which allows you to use it for long marches.

The 4th generation of the SELOUS LBE has an advanced, improved design, developed with experience of military personnel in combat conditions since 2014.



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The RPS SELUS unloading system has been used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine since the very beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in 2014. All this time, we have been constantly improving and improving this model. Its modern, fourth generation, developed taking into account the experience of operating our RPS in real combat conditions. We took into account all comments and wishes of the military. The SELUS unloading system is able to facilitate the hard service of a soldier, make the performance of combat tasks more comfortable and safe.

RPS SELUS is made of high-quality premium materials. MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D main fabric is waterproof, wear-resistant and ultra-durable. It is easy to clean from dirt and almost impossible to damage. The fabric has an additional NIR treatment, thanks to which the RPS is invisible to night vision devices.

The lining of the unloading system is made of strong and reliable GEDEON 3D mesh, which is well ventilated and does not steam the body.

Thanks to RPS SELUS, you will be able to conveniently carry the necessary ammunition and other combat equipment. The unloading system has a modular interface that allows you to attach additional summaries.

The soft belt does not interfere and does not press even during active combat operations. Thanks to the well-thought-out adjustment system, it can be used in conjunction with TIRAS and KRAB tactical backpacks. The belt does not restrict the soldier's movements, does not put pressure on the chest and ensures an even distribution of the load on the back and pelvis. It is ideal not only for active combat, but also for long marches.

Internal rigid belt provides stability under load and during movements. Thanks to it, the RPS does not twist on the body, does not deform and does not rub.

Thanks to the modular design, you will be able to adjust the RPS and adapt it to your needs.

If necessary, additional soft ballistic protection of the second class according to DSTU can be installed in RPS SELUS. Please note that it is not included in the package of the belt-shoulder system.

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