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Article: LB-SBE

The fourth generation of the SELUS belt is the result of many years of evolution and experience of use in combat conditions.



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The SELUS belt is a reliable assistant for a soldier during combat conditions, performing various tactical tasks.

The armed forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to widely use the SELUS belt back in 2014, from the very beginning of the anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine. Currently, this is already the fourth generation of the belt, because we constantly improved this model, listening to the advice and comments of our soldiers.

The SELUS belt is made of durable and reliable premium materials. Its MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D main fabric is moisture wicking, heavy-duty and easy to clean. The fabric has a NIR treatment, which makes the belt invisible to sensors of the infrared spectrum. The lining of the belt is well ventilated, does not steam the body, is made of strong three-dimensional GEDEON mesh.

The belt has a textile VELCRO fastener and reliable plastic fittings, YKK, 2M, WOOJIN PLASTICS.

The Selus belt can be used independently, but it is more convenient with straps (not included in the package). The belt can be adjusted and adjusted to your needs, because it has a modular structure, consisting of three parts.

On the body, the belt helps to relieve the warrior's back, it is able to evenly distribute the weight of the load, to carry part of its pelvis. Due to the internal rigid frame, the belt does not twist on the body, does not rub and does not interfere with movements.

Instead of internal damper inserts, you can place soft ballistic protection of the second class according to DSTU, it can be removed separately on our website in the ADDITIONAL ARMOR PROTECTION section.

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