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STRIKEMASTER chest rig for 4 magazines with straps

Article: CR-SMC

STRIKEMASTER is a chestrig that can be attached to the YOROI plate carrier with VELCRO or used separately with straps.

Allows you to carry 4 magazines for an AK, AR15, 2 magazines for a pistol or other small items (multitool, flashlight), 2 grenades, a smoke grenade or a radio.


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STRIKEMASTER is used to carry ammunition, tools and other necessary items in situations where a full-fledged LBE or body armor is not required. For example, when patrolling at long distances, reconnaissance missions and in vehicles.

It provides better maneuverability, convenience in urban environment, cars and provides quick access to mags.

Adjustable shoulder straps ensure proper weight distribution and allow you to adjust the chestrig according to the size of the user. A wide range of adjustments makes it possible to wear a chestrig over armor protection.

During assault missions, thanks to the mounting system, it can be installed on the YOROI plate carrier, keeping the original content configuration. Therefore, there is no need to transfer any item of cargo from one platform to another. This gives a very high flexibility of using of chestrig in rapidly changing conditions.

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