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THOR rocket quiver

Article: CP-RPG

Backpack for carrying three rounds of RPG7.


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Backpack for shooting RPG-7 "TOR" is an indispensable assistant in the battle of the grenade launcher. The well-thought-out design of this knapsack model allows the soldier to easily and conveniently carry three shots for the RPG-7.

When making a backpack, we use reliable and high-quality materials. Its main fabric, MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D, is ultra-durable and waterproof, resistant to abrasion and damage. It is able to protect shots and other military equipment from moisture or other contamination. The fabric has an additional NIR treatment, able to hide the backpack from enemy night vision devices.

Backpack for shooting RPG-7 TOR closes tightly with the help of special valves that fasten with fastex. Inside it there are three compartments for shots from RPG-7 and three holes for powder charges.

The knapsack has soft and comfortable shoulder straps that can evenly distribute the weight of the load, thereby reducing the load on the soldier's back. Also, the knapsack has two handles, with which it can be carried in the hands.

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