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TRADER-M MEDICAL cargo backpack

Article: CP-TDM

A middle sized cargo backpack for special tasks. Equipped as a medical bag.


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TRADER-M MEDICAL is a convenient model of a medium-sized cargo backpack, intended for carrying medical equipment. The total volume of the knapsack is 20 liters, it is equipped with a set of bags and panels for tools, medicines with fastening on MARAND Velcro fabric.

Tactical cargo backpack TRADER-M MEDICAL will become an irreplaceable assistant and companion, it is very convenient to store and transport medical supplies, they are completely protected from dirt, moisture, mechanical damage.

The main fabric of the backpack, MIL-SPEC CORDURA 500D, is reliable and very durable. It does not allow moisture to pass through, has an additional NIR treatment that makes the backpack invisible to night vision devices. When manufacturing a knapsack, we use high-quality hardware and fasteners that do not break or fail at critical moments.

Your medical equipment placed in the bag will be reliably protected from mechanical impact thanks to the EVA foam that reinforces the side and front panel. Such foam is almost weightless, but does not add to the weight of the backpack.

The knapsack is convenient to carry over the shoulders, its straps are well adjustable, evenly distributing the load on the back. You can also hold the knapsack by the handle, which is located on its upper part.

Thanks to the well-thought-out MOLLE/PAL interface, you can attach additional equipment, pockets, summaries, etc. to the backpack.

If necessary, you can make the backpack more compact. For this purpose, there are special compression belts on its side panels, which are very strong and resistant to abrasion.

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